Our MissionTo provide quality, precision instrumentation, calibration services and customized solutions for Businesses, Government Institutions and Universities.

Calibration Services

Calibration ServiceWith our 120ft. Tow Facility, we are able to calibrate speeds within .25% of the actual speed...read more

TechnologiesWe use Electromagnetic (EM) technology to create more accurate water flow meters...read more

Latest News

Deploying speedometers for evaluation...New World Innovations is deploying two-axis speedometers to sailors in Florida to evaluate the use of measuring leeward speed for sailboat racing.

Applied for patent...New World Innovations has just applied for a patent for an innovative multi-point velocity measurement system for use in Hydraulic Models and Laboratories.

Custom Services

Need custom flow meters or sizes?

We provide custom services for different industries, all using our Electromagnetic flow sensors. Contact Us today to inquire about your custom flow meter!